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Welcome to my page full of shadows and spirituality. I need you to be okay with some weirdness here, okay? I'm a little weird. But that's part of the fun of it.

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5. Unsorted Research
6. Correspondances
7. Magickal Items
8. Magickal Creatures
9. Recipes
10. Chants, prayers, and songs.
11. Meditation processes
12. Spell Diary
13. Journeys
14. Altars, Shrines, etc.
15. A Final Section.

5.Unsorted Research

"22 Commandments for the New Age"

How does one cultivate self love? Define "high pure energy" and "love energy", what does that look like? What are examples you can do regarding "Pure Service"? What is your vision? Destroy no one, not in spirit or body. Prayer practices. What kind of things can you do to grow in spirituality? Taking full responsibility in your life and living in honesty and unconditional love. How does someone learn and grow a connection with "God" or "The Spirit" or whatever. What is "The Love Response"? Viewing others in the highest way. Be known for your gentleness, your loyalty, and your kindness. How does one heal the mind, body, and spirit? What does this author mean when they say, "the belief in Man's divinity"? Does that mean like...the divine in everyone? Faithfulness in studying all parts of the self (integral, "parts work"). Love, honesty, wisdom, and moderation.

6. Correspondances

Magical Amulets

Acorn: Increases income, divinitory powers, and prosperity, Agate: Good luck, meditation, prot, health, purification. Akhet: The rising sun, the vigor of the sun god, Ra. Alligator teeth: Prot from sorcery and danger. Amber: Balance, harmony, prot, psychic power. Amethyst: Power, peace, prot, spirituality, intelligence, luck, psychic power, true love. Animal shapes to invoke animal power. -Cat: Prophecy, luck, prot, granting of secret wishes. -Dragon: Love, happiness, fertility, balance. -Turtle: Courage, creativity, intelligence, spiritual protection, compassion, fertility, sexuality. Ankh: Life or soul. Enduring life.
Bell: Sound wards off evil and hostility.
Chai: Life, longevity. Cimaruta: Old protective charm. Cross: Life and divine protection.
Eye of Horus: Acquire vitality, strength, and protection.
Four Leaf Clover: Good Luck.
Heart: Love and devotion Hexagram: Protection from evil. Star of David. Horn of plenty: Prosperity. Horseshoe: Good luck.
Jupiter: Honor and riches.
Mars: Courage, persistence, and recklessness. Mercury: Success in arts and science. Skill in detecting thieves. Mezuzah: Doorpost amulet to keep house safe. Moon: Success in love and good fortune in travel.
Nefer: Beauty and goodness, youth and happiness.
Pentagram: Five elements, human beings. Protection, control of spirits.
Ra: Long life and strength. Rings: Able to treat illness, dispel evil forces, keep lovers together, and prevent flight of the soul from the body.
Saturn: Dignity, industry, trustworthiness, and success in business. Scarab: Strength and long life, God of creation. Sma: Breathing power (to the dead). Star: Ward off evil, good fortune. Sun: Prosperity and friendship.
Venus: Love and appreciation of beauty.


Adders' Tongue: Healing. African Violet: Protection and spirituality. Agaric: Fertility. Agrimony: Banishing, protection, and sleep. Alfalfa: Anti-hunger, money, and prosperity. Allspice: Healing, luck, and money. Almond: Addictions, money, prosperity, and wisdom. Aloe: Luck and protection. Althea: Protection and psychic powers. Amaranth: Healing, invisibility, and protection. Anemone: Healing, health, and protection. Angelica: Exorcism, healing, protection, and visions. Apple: Garden magic, healing, immortality, and love. Apricot: Love. Ash: Health, prosperity, protection, and sea rituals. Aspen: Anti-theft and eloquence. Avocado: Beauty, love, and lust.
Balm of Gilead: Healing, love, manifestations, and protection. Balm, lemon: Healing, love, and success. Bamboo: Hex-breaking, luck, protection, and wishes. Banana: Fertility, potency, and prosperity. Banyan: Luck. Barley: Abundance, healing, love, and protection. Basil: Exorcism, fidelity, flying, love, protection, and wealth. Bay: Healing, protection, psychic powers, purification, and strength. Bay-Laurel: Clairvoyance and clarity. Bean: Exorcism, love, potency, protection, reconciliation, charming. Beech: Love. Beet: Love. Belladonna: Astral protection, astral work, and defense. POISON. Bergamot, orange: Money. Birch: Exorcism, protection, and purification. Bittersweet: Healing and protection. Black Pepper: Disenchantment. Black Willow: Banishment. Blackberry: Faeries, healing, money, and protection. Bleeding Heart: Love. Blessed Thistle: Banish evil and clarity. Bloodroot: Love, protection, and purification. Bluebell: Luck and truth. Blueberry: Protection. Bodhi: Fertility, meditation, protection, and wisdom. Brazil Nut: Love. Bromeliad: Money and protection. Buckthorn: Exorcism, legal matters, protection, and wishes. Buckwheat: Money and protection. Burdock: Depression, healing, and protection.
Cabbage: Luck, Cactus: Chastity and protection. Camellia: Gratitude and riches. Caper: Luck, lust, and potency. Caraway: Fidelity. Cardamon: Love and lust. Carnation: Engagement, healing, protection, and strength. Carrot: Fertility and lust. Cascara Sagrada: Legal matters, money, and protection. Cashew: Money. Castor: Protection. Catnip: Animals, beauty, cat magic, happiness, and love. Cattail: Lust. Cayenne: Clarity. Cedar: Abundance, grounding, healing, money, protection, and purification. Celery: Lust, mental powers, and psychic powers. Chamomile: Evil Eye, love, money, purification, and sleep. Cherry: Divination and love. Chestnut: Love. Chickweed: Fertility and love. Chili pepper: Fidelity, hex breaking, and love. Chrysanthemum: Protection. Cinnamon: Abundance, healing, love, lust, power, protection, psychic powers, spirituality, and success. Citron: Healing and psychic powers. Clove: Exorcism, love, money, and protection. Clover: Business, exorcism, fidelity, love, money, protection, and succes. Cocoa: Control, depression, and grief. Coconut: Chastity, purity, and protection. Coffee: Banishment. Comfrey: Money and safety during travel. Coriander: Healing, health, and love. Corn: Abundance, divination, luck, and protection. Crab Apple: Balance. Crocus: Love and visions. Cucumber: Chastity, fertility, and healing. Cumin: Exorcism, fidelity, and protection. Curry: Protection. Cypress: Comfort, healing, longevity, and protection.
Daffodil: Ferility, love, and luck. Daisy: Luck and lust. Damiana: Enchantment, love, lust, and visions. Dandelion: Calling spirits, divination, and wishes. Datura: Hex breaking, protection, and sleep. Dill: Luck, lust, money, and protection. Dogbane: Love. Dragons blood: Exorcism, love, potency, and protection.
Ebony: Power and protection. Echinacea: Defense and strengthening spells. Edelweiss: "Bullet-proofing" and invisibility. Elder: Exorcism, healing, prosperity, protection, and sleep. Elm: Love. Endive: Love and lust. Eucalyptus: Clarity, healing, and protection.
Fennel: Courage, healing, protection, and purification. Fern: Eternal youth, exorcism, health, luck, protection, rain making, and riches. Fig: Divination, fertility, and love. Flax: Beauty, healing, money, protection, and psychic powers. Flaxseed: Beauty. Foxglove: Protection. Frankinscense: Exorcism, protection, and spirituality.
Garlic: Anti-theft, disenchantment, exorcism, healing, lust, and protection. Geranium: Fertility, health, love, and protection. Ginger: Love, money, power, and success. Ginseng: Beauty, healing, love, lust, protection, and wishes. Goldenrod: Divination and money. Gourd: Protection. Grain: Protection. Grape: Fertility, garden magic, mental powers, and money. Grass Protection and psychic power.
Hawthorn: Chastity, disenchantment, fertility, fishing magic, and happiness. Hazel: Anti-lightning, fertility, luck, protection, and wishes. Heather: Acceptance, luck, protection, and rain-making. Heliotrope: Exorcism, healing, invisibility, prophetic dreams, and wealth. Hemlock: POISON. Destroy sexual drives. Hemp: Healing, love, meditation, and vision. Henna: Beauty and healing. Hibiscus: Divination, dreams, love, and lust. Hickory: Legal matters. Holly: Anti-lightning, dream magic, dreams, luck, and protection. Honeysuckle: Money, protection, and psychic powers. Hops: Balance, grounding, healing, and sleep. Horse Chestnut: Healing and money. Horseradish: Exorcism and purification. Houndstooth: Animals. Huckleberry: Dream magic, hex breaking, luck, and protection. Hyacinth: Happiness, love, and protection. Hydrangea: Hex breaking.
Iris: Purification and wisdom. Ivy: Healing and protection.
Jasmine: Abundance, love, money, and prophetic dreams. Juniper: Anti-theft, exorcism, health, love, and protection.
Kava-Kave: Luck, protection, and visions. Knotweed: Binding and health.
Lavender: Chastity, happiness, longevity, love, peace, protection, purification, and sleep. Leek: Exorcism, love, and protection. Lemon: Friendship, longevity, love, and purification. Lemongrass: Lust, psychic powers, and repelling snakes. Lettuce: Chastity, divination, love, protection, and sleep. Licorice: Fidelity, love, and lust. Lilac: Exorcism, faeries, and protection. Lily: Breaking love spells and protection. Lime: Healing, love, and protection. Linden: Immortality, love, luck, protection, and sleep. Liverwort: Love and protection. Lotus: Lock-opening and protection. Lucky Hand: Employment, luck, money, protection, and travel.
Magnolia: Fidelity. Mandrake: Fertility, health, love, money, and protection. Maple: Longevity, love, and money. Marigold: Legal matters, prophetic dreams, protection, and psychic powers. Mint: Exorcism, healing, love, lust, money, protection, and travel. Mistletoe: Exorcism, fertility, health, hunting, love, and protection. Moonwort: Love and money. Morning Glory: Acceptance and happiness. Moss: Luck and money, Mugwort: Astral projection, astral work, divination, dreams, healing, prophetic dreams, protection, psychic powers, and strength. Mulberry: Courage, protection, and strength. Mustard: Fertility, mental powers, and protection. Myrrh: Exorcism, healing, protection, and spirituality. Myrtle: Fertility, fidelity, love, money, peace, and youth.
Nettle: Banish evil, exorcism, healing, lust, and protection. Norfolk Island Pine: Anti-hunger and protection. Nutmeg: Clarity. Nuts: Fertility, love, luck, and prosperity.
Oak: Control, fertility, healing, health, luck, money, potency, and protection. Oats: Money. Olive: Fertility, healing, lust, peace, potency, and protection. Onion: Exorcism, healing, lust, money, prophetic dreams, and protection. Orange: Divination, love, luck, and money. Orchid: Love.
Palm, Date: Fertility and potency. Pansy: Divination, love, and rain magic. Papaya: Love and protection. Papyrus: Protection. Parsley: Love, protection, and purification. Passion Flower: Balance, friendship, peace, and sleep. Patchoulli: Fertility, lust, and money. Pea: Love and money. Peach: Exorcism, longevity, fertility, love, and wishes. Pear: Love and lust. Pecan: Employment and money. Peony: Exorcism, forgiveness, and protection. Peppermint: healing, love, psychic powers, purification, and sleep. Periwinkle: Love, lust, mental powers, money, and protection. Persimmon: Changing se, healing, and luck. Pimento: Love. Pine: Exorcism, fertility, healing, money, and protection. Pineapple: Chastity, luck, and money. Pistachio: Breaking lovespells. Plantain: Healing, protection, snake repelling, and strength. Plum: Healing. Plumeria: Love. Pomegranate: Divination, fertility, luck, wealth, and wishes. Poplar: Flying and money. Poppy: Fertility, invisibility, love, luck, money, and sleep. Potato: Healing and image magic. Primrose: Love and protection.
Radish: Lust and protection. Ragweed: Courage. Raspberry: Love and protection. Red Clover: Beauty, clairvoyance, and fidelity. Rhubarb: Fidelity and protection. Rice: Abundance, fertility, money, protection, and rain. Rose: Divination, dreams, happiness, healing, love, lulck, protection, and psychic powers. Rosemary: Acceptance, beauty, clarity, exorcim, healing, love, lust, mental powers, protection, purification, sleep, and youth. Rowan: Healing, power, protection, psychic powers, and success.
Saffron: Happiness, healing, love, lust, psychic powers, strength, and wind raising. Sage: Immortality, longevity, protection, wisdom, and wishes. Sandalwood: Exorcism, healing, protection, and spirituality. Sarsaparilla: Love and money. Sassafrass: Health and mooney. Skullcap: Fidelity, love, and peace. Sesame: Lust and money. Shallot Purification. Snapdragon: Protection. Solomon's Seal: Exorcism and protection. Spanish Moss: Banish poltergeists, business, and protection. Spearmint: Healing, love, and mental powers. St. John's Wort: Courage, divination, happiness, health, love, power, protection, and strength. Mood. Star Anise: Consecration, divination, and evil eye. Strawberry: Love and luck. Sunflower: Abudance, fertility, health, wisdom, and wishes. Sweet Pea: Friendship. Sweetgrass: Calling spirits.
Tamarind: Love. Tea: Courage, divination, fear, grief, riches, and strength. Thistle: Courage, defense, energy, finances, healing, hex breaking, protection, and strength. Thyme: Courage, healing, health, love, psychic powers, purification, and sleep. Toadstool: Rainmaking. Turmeric: Clarity and purification. Turnip: Banishing, ending relationships, and protection.
Valerian: Consecration, dreams, love, protection, purification, and sleep. Vanilla: Love, lust, and mental powers. Venus Flytrap: Love and protection. Vervain: Chastity, healing, love, money, peace, protection, purification, sleep, and youth. Violet: Healing, love, luck, lust, peace, protection, and wishes.
Walnut: Health, infertility, mental powers, and wishes. Wheat: Abundance, fertility, and money. Willow: Divination, enchantment, healing, love, and protection. Wintergreen: Healing, hex breaking, and protection. Wisteria: Balance. Witch Hazel: Chastity and protection. Wolf's Bane: Invisibility and protection. Wood Rose: Luck. Wormwood: Callng spirits, love, protection, and psychic powers.
Yarrow: Courage, depression, disenchantment, divination, enchantment, exorcism, love, and psychic powers. Yew: Raising the dead.

7. Magical Items

Under construction.

8. Magical Creatures

Gimli the cat prince. I'll write more about him here.

Skunky the cat pauper. I'll write more about him here.

Crows, the night flock. I'll write more about them here.

Owls are fucking cool.

9. Recipes

This section will have some "metaphysical" recipes, some mundane recipes.

10. Chants, Prayers, and Songs

Chants notated in ASCII

11. Meditation Processes

Scripts and ideas.

12. Spell Diary

Investigation Spell - 7.16.20

I need to do more work with this spell to describe it in its detail. But the general idea is divination through automatic writing. Hope to share someday soon~.

Creativity Spell - 3.5.20

For replicating this spell, you need intention. I would recommend a method of sigilcrafting (I used a rock and paint), some herbs to match your intention, crystals to match your intention, incense, and other focus objects to call upon spirits.
First, I gathered the materials I didn't have - Grass and pine. When I stepped outside, a twig of pine was sitting outside my gate, and some grass was growing nearby. Perfect! I got some lemon clover as well from my "yard".
Coming back inside, I lit some incense as an offering to my spirits. I lit a candle and gathered the herbs I needed on my altar - the grass and pine, rosemary, St. John's Wort, pine, and lavender. Also I ate a grape lol.
I called upon my ancestors and spirits using my focus tools (A rosary and a Catholic relic from my ancestors). I performed a tarot reading to make sure my intentions were aligned with the greater good, and I recieved a resounding yes.
I drew the Ace of Water, which reads as optimism for the dreams I have coming into being. I am filled with love which fertilizes the seeds of co-creation. Next, 4 of Fire, which speaks directly to co-creation, celebrating friendship, and making magic together.
I shit you not, at this moment, the friend who is the co-subject of this spell (a creative partner) sends me a message. So I was like okay.
Then, the Page of Fire, which signals enthusiastic action and acting on an idea. "My ideas have value and I dream boldly."
As a side note, last night I held many fears about not being good enough, not feeling supported, and worrying that my ideas were failures. Literally woke up to this idea. So thank you, spirits.
I left a rock sitting in the herbs as I made my sigil (I use A common method of sigil making) and painted it on the rock. My intention was for "creative success" (basically, but I'll keep the specific words to myself). Afterwards, I discarded the herbs and cleaned up, leaving my sigil rock on my bathroom altar.

13. Journeys

Meditation logs, but guess who hasn't been meditating!

14. Altars, Shrines, and Scenes

I made this altar, you may use if you'd like with a credit and link back to me :).