Dream Shrine


  • I was in my grandparents' old home. When I was inside, I was listening to my Dad talk about politics in the living room. "Drudge Report is the most reliable news source!" he asserts, which is not abnormal. [This event was just a theatrics of real life, an exchange I had which left me frustrated!] I decided to step out and went into the garage. There, an old grad student [who much resembled my Dad as far as their political affiliation] was teaching a friend of mine about one of my favourite classical music pieces, Holst's First Suite for Military Band in E-Flat major. He was playing a good arrangement, so I think I approved of his lesson generally. [However in my memory of this grad student, I hated how they conducted the piece]. I decided I had to get out of there to take a smoke break! No matter how far I walked, though, I couldn't find a safe place to smoke. There were always people around. I had to make a swift escape after smoking and, lo and behold, there were suddenly zombies after me! [Don't look at me for watching a video with zombies in it yesterday.] I ended up running away on my hands and knees, kind of knowing I was dreaming but also knowing I needed to escape!


  • I was visiting my parents on the other side of the country. [This is a frequent theme in my dreams] As I prepare to leave, my mother doesn't seem to bothered by the fact that I need to get moving. She insists it's no problem if I stay longer. We had discussed this for so long, in fact, that it was that evening and there was no way I was getting on a plane that late. While I could have called my work to let them know I wouldn't be there, I was distracted because suddenly, my sister has become extremely violent. She was slashing herself and going for others with a knife when they tried to interfere. I initiated a hold and we managed to get her to the authorities. So then, I wake up the next day and find two missed calls from my job. I call them back to find that my manager is in a big Zoom call, which I have joined. I started by explaining that I was alright but had a really rough night and, when I began to explain, I realized there were a lot of witnesses, and they were already playing video games!? I was playing video games before this, as well. Finally, my manager made reference to me and I explained what happened. He said something like, "We worried about you and care about you so much that we were okay without you."


  • I can't quite remember all of this dream. But a love interest was telling me I needed to lose weight and become more like another woman we know. [In part, my insecurities, in other part, knowing this man has "expectations", don't ask me what that means, he won't tell me.] Somewhere around this, I discovered I had a fresh, new oboe reed! This is actually really amazing - Normally, in my dreams, my biggest problem is never having a good reed to play my oboe, leading to my failure onstage. I was so ecstatic that I burst off to go to school, ready to play in my concert. [This is a good metaphor for my life, I've got a reed now, I can play.]


  • I'm in my parents old home. [Another common theme in my dreams], I am packing things to move, of course. [Typically in my dreams, the room is extremely cluttered and full of things I need to pack in a short time], tonight, however, the room had only a few of my belongings to pack. [A friend of mine is moving dorms and sent me a video of her packing her belongings, so I think it was influenced by this] I had organized my things, throwing them into bags and setting aside clothes for myself to wear the next day. I had my stuffed animals packed, my knick knacks. However, I had a whole shelf full of books! I couldn't pack them all, so I asked my mom to please hold onto all of these books for me! I think she will.


  • So at some point in this dream, my ex-boyfriend was back with me. Like he just appeared and was with me again in a romantic sense. He just showed up and that was that, no discussion. We went a few places together; to a concert, the grocery store, and then to bed. The whole time, I couldn't help but think how obnoxious it was for him to be with me again like this. Like, having someone beside me was "cool". But I knew it was "over", I knew there was no love there. I knew it had no future and that I didn't want to have a future with him. But I let him stay because I just didn't tell him no.[I think this might speak for itself as far as being a person with difficulty in regards to attachment. It did feel like for a while I should just stay with someone because it's better than being alone, although I know it's not true now. I have a reed now, I can play.]


  • In this dream, I was in a boat? race? They were kind of like canoes, but they had wooden things on top of them? And so as we are racing, I dip a bag into the water and immediately start to sink. I came in last place, despite many others sinking! As we crossed the finish line, we had to change boats, and those that had been submerged were full of dirt! I selected a boat shaped like Plank, however, someone else really wanted plank and was arguing with me over it. I was kind and decided to let her have Plank, going to another boat. I found one swiftly with a little coffin on top, that suited me far more. I don't remember much else about the race. There are only bits of the rest of the dream that stuck with me - at some point, I was in a grocery store. Then, I had a few false awakenings in which I looked down to see it was the same time I went to sleep...but the next day! I had slept for 24 hours at least! I kept opening my eyes to see that more days had passed.


  • I don't remember a whole lot about this dream. I was present at this duplex-style apartment by the water [which is an apartment I have in my dreams a lot.] My cat and I were hanging out on the porch [which we do at my actual apartment sometimes] and I noticed there weren't any walls or fences on the porch. This, of course, made me nervous and I worried my cat would fall off the porch. So we get ready to go inside. There's a screen-sliding-door leading to the porch and, inside, I see two other cats. It becomes clear to me in that moment that I have adopted these two cats, but my cat and the new cats are not acclimated yet and I don't want the other kitties to get out. So, while the kitties were trying to get at each other, I got everyone inside and shut the door. I remember going to the front door then and going out to the porch. Something was going on out there, but I can't remember it now...


  • I had a dream in which I was in my childhood home. My cat was walking around and I followed him, as I do. I noticed on the floor a mass of furs along with his FRONT FEET AND LEGS!! I freaked the FUCK out, walking around my house in circles crying. I had no idea what to do, I didn't have a car but I had to take him to the vet immediately. I ran outside as I was crying and saw a man across the street returning from work. I begged him to help me, he said yes quickly. I found a carrier for Gimli and we took him to the vet, which wasn't really played out in my dream. But by the end of the dream, he was completely alright. I checked him and he didn't have any bandages, his legs were just back on.[This dream was really vivid and intense! I woke up and my cat and I snuggled, and I just wiggled his little peets. Thank goodness! The last time I had a dream about my cat like this, I analyzed it in a way that revealed a lot to me. So here we go, I'm going to pretend to be Gimli: I'm hanging out with my mom. Something happened, and my legs came off. Some of my fur came out, too, but I was still walking around alright. I don't really notice when I get hurt. Mom was freaking out, screaming and crying. Oh my God, he's got no legs, we have to go to the vet!! It was fine, we went to the vet, I came back, and I was fine. I didn't even need any bandages!// Okay now the man: This little girl comes out of her house sobbing. She's saying she needs help. Her cat is hurt and we need to get it to a vet, I say, of course, the Emergency Vet is right down the road. So we load up the cat and I took him to the vet.// What I'm gathering is this part of myself that is Gimli is very like...unconcerned by things that this other part of me is very concerned about. Gimli was fine walking around with no legs, for some reason, he didn't even seem to notice. Then, despite my fear and panic, in the end, Gimli didn't even suffer any immediate or long term damage, not even a bandage. They're fine, I don't need to panic. BUT THEN there's the adult part of myself! The child was afraid to ask for help but, immediately upon telling the adult, the adult said yeah, no problem, let's get him fixed up. Gimli didn't know he needed help, but he did, and it wasn't that challenging to get it. But I did like run around the house in circles crying for a while before going outside to get help, probably not the most helpful.]


  • I was on a class field trip, sitting with my buddy in the back of the bus. We were havin' a time, but I just wanted to go home :c. We were travelling internationally and I was very excited, but I couldn't bear to be travelling so much. I remembered that my teacher said this was okay, so I asked my teacher that, since we were near my home, if I could just go home. She told me no, which is probably the logical answer. I was sobbing, I wanted to go home so badly that I just bounced. I think I roughed up my teacher before I went because I had to grab my computer from the bus. So I yoinked my stuff and RAN down the road. I heard sirens behind me and so I went into the brush [I was walking on a side of the road in *some* roughage yesterday]. I managed to get down pretty far, but I knew they would be looking for me at my house. So I'm in this crowd of people where a church had been developed [I've never been to the church but my Dad went there and once he and his wife made a donation in my honor] and I'm kind of hiding myself and my pink bag within the crowd. Something is happening, though, in which the crowd is dispersing, and I knew that the cops were gonna get me. So I decide I'm going to go look at the ocean, which is just on this path nearby. I walk down and I'm right at the beach, so I just stand and watch for a while. I hear the cops telling me to come on, but I stay one more second to see a dolphin! As I'm going, I am almost sure it's a dream, and I'm like willing a cop car to show up but none are showing up. For some reason this was urgent, I think I saw people walking towards me with nefarious intent........