This is a shrine for Neopets, an old virtual pet site that is still flapping about. Thank you, Neopets, for the inspiration, the images, and the experience (Neopets Terms of Use). Neopets was where I first learned to code and I owe my interest in coding to them!! Additionally, I'd like to thank SunnyNeo (Thank you for the jelly poogle background!) and JellyNeo, as they have excellent graphics and information that I love to steal :3.

My Neopets

I have been on Neopets for over twenty years (blush), and over that time, I have accumulated quite a lot of little friends! Recently, Neopets allowed users to buy pet slots, so I have gathered many of my Neopets on my main account. Yes, I signed in and bought Neocash for the first time just to have all of my pets on my main account. Or most of them. Anyways...

Mahganda the Faerie Poogle with Marilag the Barbat

Maggie won the Pet spotlight! and has a broken petpage!

Mahganda was my first poogle. I adopted them from a friend of mine whom I met after making them a banner for their gallery! They saw that I had recently lost my poogles in a scamming incident and offered to give me care of Mahganda. She's named for the Tagalog word for beautiful and that's my sweetheart to a t- BEAUTIFUL! I adopted her as a blue (I think) poogle and, as soon as I could, painted them my favourite poogle color: Faerie! Maggie has lore which I will type up soon, but you can read some of it on her Pet Spotlight entry.

As for Mahganda's plans, I'd like to paint her barbat cloud! Someday soon I would also like to rewrite her lore and recode her petpage. NeoHTML is so oppressive that I've been putting it off for a very long time.

One other continuous goal for Maggie is her library. I would really like to get her a book award, but it's so hard and we are slow moving. For now, my goal is to read Maggie 500 books
I got my counter at!

Lucazade the Halloween Poogle with Presence the Christmas Frowny

My second poogle, who I adopted from the pound! Lucazade is a bookworm, and this is how he joined the clan, upon meeting Maggie! As a snowbeast, he has faced adversity and judgment, but that has only strengthened my poogie! I need to rewrite his story, which is either Borken or was lost on an account transfer. What is his purpose?

Maybleigh the Baby Poogle with Cute Cake the Yellow Harris

Maybleigh is BABY!

Bezmolvy the Plushie Poogle with Buzmolvy the Plushie Buzzer

Bezmolvy is something like the word for "silence" in Russian. They used to be a white poogle meant for customizing, but I was pleased to receive a FFQ! I decided Bez should become a plushie, with their mouth stitched up.




I forget when I made Tuleeya, but I was very pleased with her name. She was my labrat for a while, but I enjoy the disco poogle a lot!


Estrella is half of a royal duo! She was a princess in Shenkuu and didn't quite fit the role. Also Krasi is her BFF, a princess from a warring family.


Krasi is the other half of the royal duo! She is a princess in Shenkuu, part of a family warring for power! Estrella is her BFF, and Krovanich...


There's a secret romance between Krovanich of the undergrowth and Krasivya, Princess of will it end up!?


I made Aberaxa on a whim when I got a FFQ! She's a total cutie and I'm trying to figure out her story.


Originally, Maegnas was a lab rat. I adopted them for their excellent name - it's the name of Bilbo Baggin's sword, "Sting" in uh Elvish? Can't remember, actually. But I enjoy them. They landed on this Halloween Acara, which I quite enjoy, so I decided to stop zapping!


I follow an excellent pet channel, Pet Simmer Julie! They were holding an auction for an usuki paintbrush, and I eagerly participated! Somehow, I won the auction, and obtained my dreamy dream of an Usuki Usul. Her name is Usudnie, which I also named my Skyrim character who I created around the same time. Usudnie in Skyrim is actually bald...demonstrating Usudnie's duelling personalities. Very girly but also very much a fighter!


Naesal is a bit of a mystery, actually. I forget when I adopted them, but they quickly became a mutant usul! Naesal is me as a neopet.


Mordenaum is my newest pet. I recently got a FFQ and, after much determination over the many pets I'd like, I decided that a mutant draik would fulfill the FFQ! I love mutant pets, especially post-conversion, they are still incredibly interesting! Mordenaum is just a cool guy.