Hello Internet! I'm Palaena (also known as 'Your Highness', 'Jinx', 'JoJo('s Bizarre Adventure), and 'Creep'), a nocturnal being who has been forced to live in the daytime. I've got a mild death wish but an even stronger want to punish people by continuing to be alive. I love to learn, to music, to create, and (sometimes) to destroy.

I love to label myself but will fight the urge, only stating that I am, unfortunately, at least partially a human being, evidenced by my...general shape and strong desire for fast food, a purely human trait. I enjoy a wide variety of very specific music, video games, books, trading card and board games, and my cat. For fun, I like to make fun of old and stupid people on the internet, play the sims and control mildly psychotic families of murderers and evildoers along with messianic heroes, and enjoy violence from a distance. lately i also enjoy playing an obscene amount of table top roleplaying games and pretending i actually go on adventures and get laid by hot vampires.

I live somewhere very wet and cold. My current goals including forming a friendship with local crows and doing my best to make other weirdos feel a little better. My favourite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion and my favourite movie is Kiki's Delivery Service, which are the two spectrums of my personality, I think. My TBR pile is too large and some of my recent favourites include A Wizard of Earthsea and Dune.

Here are some other things I enjoy: