Hello Visitors, welcome to my horror vault! When I'm in need of a good scare, this is where I go! Please send me your stories, videos, art, and anything you think worthy of a place in my horror vault.

Please be aware that this content includes death, murder, violence against children and animals, along with gore and the macabre! Please do not peruse if you are unsure of its impact on you.

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The Haunted Web

creepy pasta

Sever the Cord
Candle Cove
Gateway of the Mind
Radio Silence
Blind Maiden
The Creativity Song
Computer Vision Syndrome
Lavender Town Syndrome
Russian Sleep Experiment
Normal Porn for Normal People
The Midnight Game

horror shows

The Horror Show Playlist: My creepy videos playlist. This playlist does include unreality, fake horrors, and real horrors. This playlist is hosted on on YouTube so you know they can't be too horrific...right? This world is pretty horrific...
Nana825762, an excellent creative from Japan. My house walk-through is a great one.
Local 58 TV, interesting television occurences. Contingency and Weather Service are favourites of mine.
Chills, unnerving creepy shit to put on in the background while i play the sims. his voice lulls me to sleep LOL!
Marble Hornets, a classic in web horror history. It's a wild ride.

cursed images

please respect my images! please open the image in a new tab if you'd like to see it in its proper resolution. my art cannot be contained.