Palaena of the Moon

palaena's corner

welcome to my corner of the internet,
right now my page is fairly barren. i've been hoarding resources, creations.
my fear outweighs me. so here I hold the curtain, and I shall fold it back just a bit...

site last updated 09.07.2022!


change log

09/07/22: added the dream shrine and the pokemon shrine!! I also added a special shrine for my favourite pokemon...
05/05/22: opened the moon shrine!
03/24/22: added a music page!
12/02/21: added a visual art page (click on the furby on the landing page). TW for CSA, nudity, gore, suicide and self injury, and sexual themes. Also added two new traumacores on the Creepy page.
06/13/21: officially reopened with a new motto of stfu and dgaf.